By KC Jones

I spent an afternoon chatting with Rebecca Metz about her adorable felines. Actress of FX’s “Better Things” and Disney’s “Coop & Cami” grew up with cats, Boris and Natasha, her parents adopted when she was born. Cats were always her preferred pet, although having a “sub cat” in college, a pet rabbit. When she got married at the Zoo it wasn’t specifically connected to her love of animals, but in some ways it subconsciously comes ‘round full circle.

“They’re self-sufficient and don’t need constant attention”, Rebecca tells me of her love of cats. She always knew she didn’t want children, but her cats have become her fur kids. “You know when people talk about what changes when they have kids; how you stop being all about yourself. That’s how I feel about my babies”. Murphy, who passed in December 2018 was her cat of 21 years and Ali of 20 years who passed the following January, were extremely painful losses and couldn’t be replaced immediately. Memories of Murphy always wrapping himself up around her head still bring a smile to her face.

These days, a year later, the house is full of kittens and her oldest, Gabi the all black short hair who appears to have some Bombay in her. Gabi was an L.A. stray from the litter of a “one eyed mama” rescued by another volunteer at an animal rescue center. During these quarantine months at times Gabi even seems to be “annoyed that the humans are home all the time.” She’ll often disappear and then when she does show up for attention, it’s as if you’ve “earned her love.”

Harper, the baby, a Tortie cat, is a big snuggler, Rebecca confesses, “I cried the first time I picked her up.” “She especially likes to snuggle with my husband.” “The chest purr is amazing and good for stress relief.” Tallulah, the Tuxedo cat is full of energy. They play and keep the house lively. Both kitties were rescued by Best Friends Animal Society, one of the organizations fighting to make California a No Kill state. Rebecca advocates for adoption as her time volunteering at the B.F.A.S. brings to light so many animals in need of love. “Online adopting is a great option, especially now as a safety precaution” but Rebecca says there is something special about going to find your next family member in person.

During this time in lockdown, Rebecca is feeling lucky to have her feline friends: “They create a lot of laughter in the house” as they play and get themselves into the funniest of situations. Being able to spend so much time with them, especially the kittens as they are just crossing the threshold from kitten to cat, is a gift. “It’s nice having another being in the house. I like stopping what I’m doing for a break, and going to find them playing in another room.” She has no doubt they will be a bit confused whenever she gets back to work. There is nothing quite like cat energy. “It’s a big deal when a cat decides to trust you. You suddenly feel as if you’ve accomplished something big.”

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