We are a new inVESTment in your pet’s safety!

By Rob Reilly

During a Clear the Shelter event, I was working as a rescue volunteer with a dog who was known to be very kid aggressive. While I was chatting with a visitor, the dog sat quietly at my feet with just four inches of slack on his leash. Suddenly, a seven-year-old boy ran up behind me. In the blink of an eye, the dog went from seated to within inches of the child’s face. Thankfully the child wasn’t injured, only frightened.

From this near tragic experience, I was inspired to develop and launch a new canine safety and socially conscious product called the Pet Peeves™ Vest, a brightly colored vest that utilizes icon-based, reflective Velcro patches that signal whether your pet is kid, cat or dog friendly from a safe distance.


What are the benefits of the Pet Peeves™ Vest?

Completely Customizable

Since our patches are Velcro, you can mix and match friendly and unfriendly indicators depending on your pet's individual personality.

Deliver Multiple Messages

What makes our product, the Pet Peeves™ Vest, unique is the ability to communicate more than one issue at a time or offer a way to promote friendly play.


No Language Barriers

With our product, children and non-native English speakers are able to easily and quickly interpret your dog's temperament .

Purchase one for your pet or as a donation to your favorite rescue shelter

Order your vest (available in S/M/L) on www.petpeevesvest.com.

Together we can create safer interactions for owners and their pets!

We are on a mission to

Empower Owners

Relieving the stresses associated with handling a dog with issues in a public settng, aiding in the avoidance of unwanted confrontations, and giving owners the opportunity to be the ambassador for their breed.

Prevent Incidents

Significantly reduce the possibility of a lifelong injury, disfigurement, and/or death of a person or animal by communicating a pet’s issue(s) from a safe distance.


Combat Breed Discrimination

Educating those who make snap judgments about an animal’s temperament based only on their appearance and promoting friendly play for those breeds with a negative public perception.

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