By Lori Zelenko

Laughter. You can say laughter,” is the answer when we ask Maurice DuBois New York City’s WCBS News anchor about his answer to balancing time with family — his wife, Andrea — and his two sons ages six and 11 now — and his dog the “majestic” black lab Angel who is now 3 and a half years old.

His packed schedule has its challenges, even Angel is snoozing when Maurice’s workday ends. He anchors the 11 pm WCBS news so it’s late, no earlybird specials here. But this four-time Emmy award winner, a “visual storyteller,” couldn’t be more at ease juggling all that’s involved in being a pup and people parent. With a life that’s beautifully crowded with so much that rewards, he has one wistful desire, he wishes he had more time to master golf.

Coming home from work after everyone is asleep isn’t opportune for playtime with Angel but there is also downtime, day time, for walks in nearby Central Park. Angel is a social animal, so a walk doesn’t go by without close encounters with many good friends, two and four-legged. Maurice anchors the 11 pm news on WCBS but he is called in to anchor network, CBS Evening News and also anchors the WCBS-NY 5 pm news. Plus he has a podcast on Apple now, Icons & Disruptors which allows him to do what he loves, get inside people’s heads, especially cutting edge people doing cutting edge things. It’s a terrifically engaging and entertaining opportunity to learn game-changing secrets — and grasp the greatest life lessons of an array of individuals from Beyoncé’s publicist and the founder of Carol’s Daughter (all-natural hair, body and skin care for women of color) to Wynton Marsalis and basketball legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier who invites listeners along on his incredible journey from the Jim Crow south to the NBA Hall-of-Fame and beyond.

But putting such unfulfilled desires aside, let’s focus on the here and now, how did Angel come into the lives of the DuBois family? Actually not by chance but by thoughtful planning. First, a sense that a dog would complete this family; fulfill a need for one four-legged friend for all to love. Then, a visit to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and their “Meet the Breeds” opportunity. And next, a decision that a Labrador Retriever was the breed for them, in lustrous black. Fast forward to a few months later, a litter of puppies was born and Angel came home to a family that welcomed her with great affection and tremendous caring. The boys are a little young to take responsibility for Angel but this easy going dog could not be more joyful to have their company or more gently protective of their wellbeing. Angel is like an angel should be: Kind, involved, committed, adoring yet still playful. Of course eating tennis balls is a bad habit but hopefully outgrown with the passage of time.

What’s in store for the DuBois household on Christmas morning? Angel won’t be sleeping in, that’s for sure. She’ll be up at first light with the children ready to see what Santa left the night before.

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