Have a Heart

Gifts That Share The Love

By Melanie Carden

Love is sweetest when shared. Whether it’s through mindful “giving-back” purchases from companies such as Found My Animal (NYC) or by splurging on an extra bag of affordable treats from Bocce Bakery to gift a friend or donate to a dog shelter—let’s make this a warm-hearted holiday. If your pup is your number one Valentine, it’s time to woo-the-woof with more amour and gifties galore. We all know to skip the chocolate, but we can be generous with cozy sweaters, darling stuffies, and all the hues of pink and red… so read ahead!


Floofs like to flaunt their love, and there is no love greater than that for their favorite gal—MOM! A “great get” for your dog—or a friend’s. This sweet t-shirt lets dogs of all sizes express their devotion with a dash of sugar-coated panache. Info: Chewy


It’s Valentine’s Day—now get on out there and strut with your mutt—in style. This pink ombré leash makes our hearts skip a beat. Better yet, this NYC-based business shares proceeds from their sales to support animal welfare and rescue organizations. In fact, they devote a whole section of their website dedicated to helping facilitate pet adoptions. Info: Found My Animal


The folks at Leaps & Bounds have somehow managed to combine all the sweetest joys: unicorns, llamas, and the colors of cotton-candy! This magnificent Llama-Corn is no flimsy whimsy, though. Part of their Ruffest & Tuffest line of toys, this beauty has a robust design of 2-layer ultra-strong oxford-weave fabric bound by durable, Kevlar yarn and reinforced seams. Info: Petco


Extravagant toys for good girls and boys. P.L.A.Y offers a line of toys 100% dedicated to love. From stuffed hearts to a bouquet of flowers, their Puppy Love Collection makes woofer-woo’ing easy. This champagne plush is a great way to include your dog in the holiday with a taste of the good life. Looking to share the love? Easy! Buy the collection as a set (3 plush toys) and gift to others. Info: P.L.A.Y.


For the floof who’s not aloof; for the Casanova of the dog park! Bond & Co. offers this adorable hoodie that will pretty much guarantee a full calendar of puppy play dates. Choose from this cutie or the pink version that says “Too Glam to Give a Damn.” Info: Petco


Bocce Bakery baked up these special Valentine’s Day treats—Red Velvet (peanut butter, cream cheese, and beets) and Candy Heart (apples, blueberries, and cranberries). Does it get any cuter? These treats are perfect for sharing. Buy in bulk and pass along the extra love to friends, dog walkers, or your local shelter. We could all use a little more amour! Info: Bocce Bakery


Noble creatures naturally ascend to their birthright as the kings and queens of their kingdom (i.e. our homes). Modern Beast offers these wool felt crowns in grey, blue, green, purple, yellow, and pink. Perfect for any royal affair. And their profit—100% of it—goes to their featured animal welfare organizations. Info: Modern Beast


Marvin the Moose is his name, and just like cupid, melting hearts is his mission. This sentimental plush is the perfect way to share-the-care with your devoted pup. Marvin’s squeaker will have your dog zany with the zoomies in a display of pure Valentine’s Day bliss. Info: Chewy


Wild One makes twinning with your dog feel like a red carpet moment. These leopard print sweaters were literally designed for sharing the love (of fashion) with your posh pooch. Let the whole world know who your BFF (bestest fabulous floof) is. It’s time to take a walk on the wild side. Info: Sir Dogwood


Handmade in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, this Rope Hounds collar (and matching leash) are ready for any adventure be it love, a walk in the park, or a romp in the snow. Made from rock climbing rope - these products are tough and colorful. A new vibrant pink-purple colorway has just launched - and it's perfect for Valentine's Day. Sharing the love is as easy - grab a splitter leash and walk two Doggos! Info: Rope Hounds


Great big pink hearts for the win! The savvy folks at Sir Dogwood brought this sweetness surplus over from London - and thank goodness! Our hearts are a flutter. If you're looking to add a "hearty" holiday sweater into the woofer's wardrobe, this is the one. Add a little V. Dat magic and then go ahead and keep in the rotation all year long.
Info: Sir Dogwood


Adopt, adopt, adopt! Oh... and wear this awesome sweatshirt to celebrate the love of your forever friend!Every day feels like Valentine's Day when you save a dog in need. Mt Pet Prints will customize this sweatshirt with your dog's photo!
Info: My Pet Prints

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