Fe-line Festive: Felix’s First Christmas

By Alyssa Huckleberry

Twas just before Christmas, and all through the house…
Felix was certainly stirring—but not because of any mouse!
His owner was frantic, holiday prep in full swing.
Holiday goodies? Check! Office party? What to bring?!

Online shopping? Not so easy, with strict deadlines for timely shipping
Decorated tree? Nearly impossible…kitty’s attacks have got it tipping.
Pressure for holiday meals to look like Pinterest spreads, cloth napkins folded just so…
And those house chores that have been put off? Visitors = not anymore!

To those who feign nonchalance, know that your pet will set you straight
They could care less what you look like in your Christmas card photo…but dinner better not be late!
We all know our pets run the show these days, so why not try something new?
Why not incorporate your pet into your celebrations? You know you want to…

Without further ado, here’s Felix’s list of holiday faves—
(Albeit, it’s his first Christmas…but we promise the list isn’t lame!).
For the adventurous kitty: get out of the house! There are so many things to see…
For the skittish cat: it’s all good…a few holiday must-haves can turn your home into the party.

So now, a word to the owners—who pamper and spoil to no end
The holidays are a wonderful excuse to dote on kitty, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend.
Holiday lights aren’t just for humans—your cat might love the fancy light shows
And sitting on Santa’s lap? Pretty adorable…start working on the purrfect pose!

Holiday parades are undeniably festive, and some are just for pets!
Costume contests are a bonus—it’s time to show your fur-baby off (to someone besides your vet).
A ride aboard the Polar Express? It’s just the thing to do.
…and if all this sounds crazy and unrealistic for your cat, now we’ll talk to you.

Counting down the days ‘til Christmas, isn’t up to you alone—
Kitty advent calendars stuffed with treats will liven up your home.
Your Christmas card looks better, with your furry friend in frame.
Put him in a festive sweater, and you might achieve Instagram fame.

Those cozy nights curled up by the fire—jammies on and hot beverage poured—
It’s time for kitty to join you…in his own flannel pajamas and cat s’mores.
Wrapping presents is Felix’s delight…curling ribbon is far from a bore
And if you’re feeling up for it—your cat just might enjoy a trip to the store

Now to address the presents—we all know we can’t resist.
Here are our favorites for this holiday season, separated by theme of the gift:
For pure entertainment value, the cheese cat toy is a home run—
Your kitty will paw and dive and warble to no end…timer settings prolong the fun.

For those with more than one cat, the rotating laser is just for you:
Multiple lasers revolve in unexpected patterns…providing fun for the whole feline crew.
To drive your kitty wild, try a Colorado Kitty Pot munchie toy—
These catnip-filled creations come in festive models sure to inspire joy.

Every feline will adore The Cat Ball…for both lounging and romping around
Watch your fur-baby nestle in or roll around inside…possibilities abound.
For those who love to cuddle, consider a catnip-infused pillow for your cat…
Impressed by presentation? PetCandy toys are engaging AND beautifully wrapped.

For peace of mind and logistical ease, treat yourself (and kitty!) to the coolest litter box ever made—
You won’t believe how clean, simple, and efficient it is…no maintenance required for dozens of days!
Take it one step further with the innovative Pretty Litter, scientifically designed to detect illness—
Litter granules change color when your kitty discharges, a graphic indicator that’s impossible to miss.

Whatever the holidays bring—and whether you give or get,
We hope your feline gets to participate…life is so much better experienced with your pet!
Take inspiration from Felix’s adventures, or make new traditions all your own.
Merry Christmas to all! And…that’s the end of this poem.

Felix’s Top 5 Must-Haves:
1. PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box
2. PetSafe Cheese Cat Toy
3. The Cat Ball
4. Kitty Advent Calendar
5. Colorado Kitty Pot toys & munchies

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