By Lori Simmons Zelenko

Sensing the missing link in the social world of dogs and their owners, Desh Valcin decided “chic and cool” was the path to follow. So, she unleashed Chase & Papi named for her two dogs and invited NYC’s pet parents to come party with their dogs in a responsible and sophisticated way.

What was missing in the dog socializing world, Desh Valcin thought, was “chic and cool.” Sure the park—Central or other locale—was fine but what if the owner wanted to relax with a glass of wine in their hand? Or have a pro supervise their pup while they chatted up other equally loving pet parents? That’s when Chase & Papi came to be two years to socialize in a sophisticated way with their dogs.

Each party has a theme. For instance, in February Chase & Papi event centered around Denim and Diamonds. There’s also been Chanel and even a wine tasting evening. Destinations for these Yappy Hour gatherings have ranged from lofts to luxury lobbies of dog-friendly buildings to a photo studio and a rooftop. And the crowd? Men, women of all ages. Desh also shares “we are very LGBT-friendly.” People learn about the events through the grapevine or maybe discover them on the internet. About 50 guests are the average at each party.

Guests must sign a waiver taking full responsibility for their dog’s behavior. Aggressive dogs are not welcome, but there is no breed discrimination. This discourages the irresponsible owner, but such a personality is not typically in the mix at a Chase & Papi event. Trainers and dog sitters mingle throughout the group at these events assuring that all dogs are well behaved. It’s helpful for guests, even dog-free individuals who are not living in a dog-friendly environment.

Guests at a Chase and Papi event:
partying with their pooches.

Food for pets and owners is plentiful at a Chase & Papi gathering plus cocktails, and entertainment creates a fun time for all. Dogs are small and large, a good mix who mingle easily without incident. Although founder Desh does not custom-cater birthday parties for pampered pooches, she is focused on these luxury dog events drawing on her background as an event planner creating soirees she feels comfortable attending.

She named the business after her two dogs, Chase, a Maltese-Schnauzer mix, and Papi, a Chihuahua. “I am a big dog lover and a social person. And I love cocktails. So it was only natural I’d find a way to combine all my favorite things. I started Chase & Papi as dog events were what I’d call unpolished, they needed luxury and glamour.” So far, Desh’s professional polish is indeed a welcome change for New York pet parents and even those who don’t own a dog who just enjoy partying with pups.

For more information on Chase & Pap Events, visit Next up is their Spring Fling on April 21st, check online for more details.

Lori Zelenko continues to reveal her insights and experiences with pets in the city and country too, now as the Editor of Pet Lifestyles Magazine. Devoted dog parent to a rescue Pekingese (Bikini) and ShihTzu (Annabelle) she is committed to sharing all that helps improve the well-being of pets everywhere. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest in what’s trending for our furry four-legged friends. Email questions, requests, or just your thoughts on how you’re living with your pets today. Signing off with a woof and a purr!

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